Industrial plant maintenance

Published on Friday, Dec 19 2014 by

Albright’s industrial plant maintenance service is second to none. With its commitment to delivering the highest quality design and engineering services to the petrochemical and processing industries and the extensive experience and knowledge of its engineers, Albright is committed to delivering excellence.
Beginning with preventative maintenance routines, Albright will maintain equipment and facilities so that they stay in prime operating condition. By using visual and mechanical inspections and preserving and restoring component parts before they actually fail, full reliability and efficiency can be assured. Couple this with general mechanical works and oils and grease routines and you can see that Albright’s services are thorough and responsible.
Some other examples of Albright’s maintenance services include full weld repairs, pump replacement and modifications to piping systems.
Albright are also specialists in tank repairs, including floor replacement, new nozzles and patch repairs and inserts, to meet the requirements of API 653. We also employ tank-jacking techniques to repair or replace tank floors and re-profile the foundations. Albright can take on the entire process.
Flame Arrestors are often located in vent pipes from storage tanks and other pipework and are essential for reducing fire and explosive risk. Flame arrestors have a tendency to block up. As part of a regular maintenance regime, Albrightwill ensure that these safety-critical items remain fully functional at all times.
Selecting the proper industrial plant maintenance strategies increases plant reliability, keeping you safe and saving you money.