Preventive Maintenance at Bulk Storage Tank Terminals

Published on Thursday, Oct 3 2013 by

For many years oil and petrochemical industry feedstocks and products have been stored in above-ground, vertical cylindrical tanks. At first sight these tanks appear of simple design and construction with innocuous working environments. However, this is not the case in practice as the numerous accidents associated with such tanks testify.
In the wake of the Texas City and Buncefield incidents the industry and its regulators have moved beyond the pure science and engineering responses to develop ways to prevent a recurrence. Probabilistic Preventive Maintenance is based upon two underlying methodologies: Risk-Based Inspection and Reliability Centred Maintenance. One important part of this preventative maintenance regime is regular tank inspections based on either EEMUA 159 or API Std 653. Typically the completed inspection reports will contain an itemised listing of defects and non conformities but rarely do they include a detailed scheme for the repair of such defects. There is a growing trend for Terminal operators to outsource engineering services.
With our extensive industry knowledge and experience Albright is able to interpret the results of the inspection reports and prepare a detailed written scheme of repair which can then be implemented by Albright or used as the basis for competitive tender.
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